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  • July 29 ,2019

    John & Lucy, Seattle, U.S.A.

    Hello Vaclav,
    Here is the baby boy, Edward , thank you so much!

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  • June 29 ,2019

    Natalie, Toronto, Canada

    Dear Vaclav,

    I hope you are well!!!! David and I just want to thank you for all you did to help us have a family. We are thrilled to welcome our little Thomas . He arrived today at 1:17am and he is absolutely gorgeous! We love him to bits. Thanks again!!!!

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5 090 EUR = egg donation + accommodation for 7 nights + transfers from/to the Prague airport. The entire communication regarding a treatment , synchronization of recipient's and donor eggs' cycles, ovarian stimulation of donor of eggs, endometrial stimulation , donor eggs retrieval, consultation ,and transfer of embryos are performed by doctor -  the specialist in the assisted reproduction. You can email the doctor: or make a phone call : +420774520757

About us

Main advantage center of assisted reproduction is perfect medicine background such similar IVF centers in Europe. We do not only specialize in infertility treatment but our IVF center is supported by Department of gynecology, urology , surgery and intensive care unit and our laboratory. These departments have been providing medical care round o’ clock for almost 15 years. So our official name First Private Surgical Center in not coincidental. We follow enormous development of ultrasound and safe invasive procedures of first trimester prenatal screening and beside IVF center works Fetal medicine centre.

Sanus is medical center with good medicine background /department of gynecology, urology and plastic surgery Our hospital in Hradec Kralove was founded in 1995 as fourth in Czech Republic and we finished ISO certification in 2005.Our gynecological department consists of about 600 gynecological operations /laparoscopies, laparotomies including surgery for gynecological cancers and hysterectomies / every year and our center of assisted reproduction has achieved about IVF 600 cycles every year and about 6 500 since 1995. The delivery has been about 1000 healthy babies as a result of our treatment. Our success rate is on standard level - about 35 % - 40% of clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer and 25-35 % per cryoembryotransfer . SANUS IVF center has two other detached centers of assisted reproduction situated in other Czech towns in Pardubice and Jihlava.

Foreign infertile couples are treated under the same conditions as Czech ones with an approval of Czech law (Czech law is very liberal ) but you have to know that treatment of foreign infertile couples in relation to Czech ones is much more demanding for our staff in many aspects. They are treated extra schedule then Czech ones and we seek to meet their requests/demands and have to individualize their treatment.

IVF Team

IVF Team

MUDr. Vaclav Silhan (Ciriculum Vitae)
MUDr. Jiri Stepan (Ciriculum Vitae)


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Hradec Kralove is a city that has many hotels, pensions and accommodation of all categories and each of our patients find accommodation matching their taste and their budget.

About us

About us

The main advantage of our reproductive medical center is a medical technique perfected matter, similar to the best European centers.

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