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5 090 EUR = egg donation + accommodation for 7 nights + transfers from/to the Prague airport. The entire communication regarding a treatment , synchronization of recipient's and donor eggs' cycles, ovarian stimulation of donor of eggs, endometrial stimulation , donor eggs retrieval, consultation ,and transfer of embryos are performed by doctor -  the specialist in the assisted reproduction. You can email the doctor: or make a phone call : +420774520757


How are oocyte donors recruited in the Czech republic?

Oocyte donation is legal in the Czech Republic and the law guarantees that both parties (donor and recipient) must remain anonymous. Consequently, the identity of the oocyte donor cannot be disclosed. Yet the donor matching process respects the recipient´s phenotype including hair, skin and eye colour. All donors are required to have obtained at least a secondary school education. We prefer that an oocyte donor has already delivered her own child. We do not use the oocytes from patients treated for infertility.

How are oocyte donors tested?

The whole process of testing is determined by law. We maintain the same regulations issued by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Only candidates up until 35 years of age are considered for oocyte donation. They undergo a psychological interview, a genetic and hormonal screening, and are thoroughly tested for infectious diseases including HIV.

What is the waiting time at SANUS for an oocyte donation?

Currently at SANUS there is minimal waiting time for the treatment using donated oocytes. In order to maintain this nonexistant watt you may be recommended to register in one of 3 IVF units of our company. There is database of checked caucasian donor candidates available for rapid process of matching.

How many donated oocytes will the recipient receive?

Oocytes obtained from one donor are exclusively provided to her matching recipient. If fertilized, the embryos are aimed to cultivate until day 3 before the transfer and sometimes deliberately until the blastocyst stage, hence day 5. Within this prolonged cultivation the defective embryos usually discontinue their growth, thus leaving only the embryos with higher chances for successful further development to be considered for transfer. We prefer 2 embryos of superior quality for embryotransfer.

What is the success rate in oocyte donation programme?

Due to oocytes obtained from young healthy women, the success rate of this procedure exceeds the success rate of the infertility treatment with fresh oocytes. Quality of partner sperm determines the fertilization rate and the overall success. With 2 embryos transferred the success rate is usually around 50%.

What medical preparation is necessary for the recipient in the oocyte donation programme?

The recipient´s womb and endometrium are generally prepared for embryo implantation by estrogen and progesteron . The recipient usually does not require any other stimulation. We prepare the treatment protocol and the recipient provides the drug from her local pharmacy. If requested, we can supply the required drug(s) at the patient´s cost. We appreciate when the treatment is monitored by the patient´s gynecologist and we keep in touch.

What is the preparation stage for oocyte donation?

The selected donor undergoes the ovarian stimulation and its cost is included in the total cost of therapy. The donor´s cycle is synchronized with that of the recipient. All retrieved mature oocytes obtained from the donor are granted to one recipient. The oocytes are fertilized in the laboratory with sperm of the recipient’s partner or sperm donor, if required and agreed. After 5 days of cultivation the embryos – blastocysts - are transferred into the uterus of the recipient, hopefully the future mother.

How are embryos created from the donated oocytes?

The donated oocytes are fertilized with the partner´s or donated sperm on the day of the donor´s puncture of ovarian follicles. Male partner may even supply his sperms in advance and then, stored in our spermbank, he does not need to come on the day of the donor´s puncture. The previously frozen sperm cells are then used for oocytes fertilization and the couple may then arrive to SANUS directly for the embryotransfer. In order to create the superior chances for successful fertilization, ICSI method is employed for each retrieved mature oocyte.

Can embryos be donated as well?

Yes, we dispose a large cryobank with a variety of frozen embryos. This option may be discussed, mainly when a partner´s spermiogram is of poor quality. When is the embryo transfer performed? Our biologist determines the preferred day of embryotransfer, but we aim to select the best embryos on day 5 of the cultivation, in the blastocyst stage of development. We register the optimal results in this regime.

How many embryos are transferred?

We discuss this issue with each couple who then makes the final decision regarding the number of transferred embryos. In most cases 2 embryos are recommended for the embryo transfer. The couples are informed about the risk of multiple pregnancy.

Can the embryos after oocyte donation be cryopreserved?

Yes, of course. Excessive embryos may be cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen, usually on day 2 of cultivation. After their thawing, the couple can undergo the second embryotransfer and a second child from the same treatment cycle may be born. The success rate when using thawed embryos is usually lower in comparison with the fresh embryos - it reaches 25-40%.

What happens in case of failure of the donor´s ovarian stimulation?

In such an unfrequent case SANUS accepts the risk. In case of donor´s stimulation cancellation and absence of appropriate donor substitute, we send a notice, the recipient does not pay and we immediately start selecting another donor and planning the date of the new treatment cycle.

What is the financial frame of the whole oocyte donation programme at SANUS?

You can find the basic price list in our website / You will always receive the preliminary price with the offered date of the donor´s puncture. Your treatment will be confirmed in the moment we receive a deposit of 1000 Euros to our bank account. The rest of the total bill is payable on the date of the embryotransfer. We accept all major international cards and cash in EUR, USD and Czech crowns.

How long has SANUS worked with oocyte donation?

SANUS started as an IVF centre in 1995, and since that time more than 2500 IVF babies have been born. The oocyte donation programme was implemented in the year 2000 . We dispose our own database of donors which currently comprises dozens of fully checked female volunteers. Czech Republic has become one of the leaders in cross border reproductive care, and oocyte donation is one of the most important and demanded services for foreign clientele. SANUS, a member of the IVF Europe group, with its 3 branches in Hradec Kralove (headquarter), Pardubice (from 2005) and Jihlava (from 2006) ranks among the most experienced clinicss in assisted reproduction in the country.

How should I proceed when I opt for oocyte donation at SANUS?

Contact us with your request form by email. Our English/French communicating coordinators will be in touch with you until the final mode of treatment has been settled. You can find basic information about us in English on on

Who will assist me for the preparation of my journey and my stay at SANUS?

Czech Republic and all branches of SANUS are well accessible by all means of transportation. There are highways from Prague to all three cities of SANUS branches and Czech Republic also has an extensive network of railways and air connections from all over the world. Should you need help at the preparation of your trip, you can refer to You can find information on the transport modalities on other internet sites. Eastern Bohemia is a lovely part of the country with a rich history, number of historic sights, but also with various natural beauties, mineral springs, mountains, etc. We are in a position to assist you in the preparation of your entire itinerary of your „reproductive trip“ to our country.


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Hradec Kralove is a city that has many hotels, pensions and accommodation of all categories and each of our patients find accommodation matching their taste and their budget.

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