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5 090 EUR = egg donation + accommodation for 7 nights + transfers from/to the Prague airport. The entire communication regarding a treatment , synchronization of recipient's and donor eggs' cycles, ovarian stimulation of donor of eggs, endometrial stimulation , donor eggs retrieval, consultation ,and transfer of embryos are performed by doctor -  the specialist in the assisted reproduction. You can email the doctor: or make a phone call : +420774520757

IVF Price List

IVF (Including ICSI )
P​rice includes one consultation with specialist in assisted reproduction ,​ ​more consultations ​could be ​extra​ ​charged

2 400 EUR
medication for stimulation of ovaries ( price varies from 20 000- 40 000 CZK ( 800 EUR- 1 600 EUR).

Donor eggs

4 500 EUR
medication for recipients ( price is up to 200- 300 EUR )

Donor embryo


1 600 EUR

medication for recepients ( price is up to 200- 300 EUR )


500 EUR

Egg donation treatment package

Comprising egg donation program without medication for recipient, accommodation for 7 nights in the hotel and transfers from/to the Prague airport

5 180 EUR

medication for recepients ( price is up to 200- 300 EUR )


200 EUR

EmbryoGlue (Implantation promoting transfer medium)

110 EUR

Price of consultation  
( ​Consultation includes transvaginal ultrasound check​. In case of patient undergoes an infertility treatment at our clinic in the future, the final cost will be reduced by 100 EUR ​)

100 EUR


Price of 24 chromosome ​s​ PGS ( Preimplantation ​genetic ​screening of aneuploidies)  by Array - CGH - 2 500 EUR

Price of PGD ( Preimplantation ​genetic ​diagnosis of  translocations and monogenic diseases ) by ​Array -​ CGH - 3 400 EUR

( prices are valid up to total number of 8 embryos  )

Prices list of Ultrasound scan and Fetal Medicine Centre :

5 000 CZK

200 EUR

11-13+6 weeks scan including biochemistry and ultrasound with risk calculation

3 000 CZK

120 EUR

18-23 weeks scan with DVD recording

15 000 CZK

600 EUR

Chorion villi sampling –CVS (from the 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy )

15 000 CZK

600 EUR

Amniocenthesis ( from the15 weeks of pregnancy)

11 900 CZK

475 EUR

Harmony Prenatal Test is a non-invasive test that detects fetal trisomies 21, 18, 13 , includes an optional analysis of fetal sex and sex chromosome (X,Y - SCAs /Sexual Chromosome Associated/ ) conditions in pregnancies of 10 weeks or more.


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Hradec Kralove is a city that has many hotels, pensions and accommodation of all categories and each of our patients find accommodation matching their taste and their budget.

About us

About us

The main advantage of our reproductive medical center is a medical technique perfected matter, similar to the best European centers.

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